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Weight Loss

Click2: Weight Loss

Losing weight can often be seen to be difficult and complicated. Click2Pharmacy brings you all the advice and information you need to help you to achieve your weight loss goal.

STEP 1 – Learn about what is meant by being Overweight

Are you over weight?

Being overweight can have a serious impact on your health. It can put you at an increased risk of certain conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Carrying that extra weight means your body has to work harder. You may find it difficult to walk or run around with ease, and may find it harder to breathe.

By being overweight it means you carry more body fat than your body actually needs. If you consume more energy (in the form of calories) from food than your body requires, your body will store the excess energy as fat. One of the ways to work out if you are overweight is to work out your Body Mass Index.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

By working out your Body Mass Index, you can work out what class of weight you fall into and how much risk you are at. Weighing yourself alone is not sufficient to tell if you are over weight as if you are taller you tend to be heavier. It relates your weight to your height. You can work out your BMI by dividing your weight (in kilograms) by the square of your height (in centimeters).

Why not use the BMI calculator below to work out your BMI

BMI Calculator:

Weight (in Kilos) Height (in Centimeters)


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Once you have worked it out then check what category you fall into in the chart below:

BMI chart:

BMI Classed As Health Risk
Less than 18.5 Underweight Some
18.5 to 24.9 Ideal Normal
25 to 29.9 Overweight Moderate
30 to 39.9 Obese High
40 and over Very obese Very high

A BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is healthy, and therefore a person who falls within this category is considered to have a “normal” weight. A BMI of over 25 means that a person is carrying excess fat, and therefore should try to lose weight.

Waist Size:

Waist size is a good indicator of your health. If you carry more fat around your waist there are increased risk of conditions such as diabetes and strokes. Your weight and BMI may be normal but if your waist size is greater than a certain amount you are putting yourself at risk.

Waist (Men) Waist (Women) Health Risk
94 cm (37 inches) 80 cm (32 inches) Moderate
102 cm (40 inches) 88 cm (35 inches) High

How common is Obesity?

More than half the adults in the UK are heavier than recommended. About 2 in 5 adults are overweight, and about a further 1 in 5 are obese. The number of obese people in the UK is rising, particularly among young adults. Since 1980, the number of obese adults in the UK has nearly tripled. This has been called the 'obesity epidemic'
Source: British Heart Foundation

The benefits of losing weight

Generally by losing excess weight your quality of life improves. Many people have said they have more energy and feel more confident. The major benefit of losing excess weight is the decrease in risk of developing certain medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and some types of cancers.

Common Causes of being Overweight

As previously mentioned, a person will gain weight when they consume too much energy from food. If the body does not use all of this energy, then the excess is stored as fat. The more extra calories you consume, the more fat your body will store. Therefore eating too many calories and not doing enough physical activity leads to weight gain. Weight problems can also run in families, although the cause is most likely to be the lifestyle that they lead.

Some medical conditions and some medications can cause weight gain. Contact your doctor for advice.

It is important for everyone to follow a healthy diet and to be physically active, regardless of weight. However, modern lifestyle means that a lot of people do not have time to prepare healthy meals, and consume convenience and/or fast foods that are high in calories, fat and sugar. We drive everywhere, sit in front of desks at work, and sit in front of the television or PC at home. These habits can make it very difficult to reach a healthy weight. In order to lose weight successfully (and keep it maintained), it is crucial to make the right changes to your lifestyle.

Now you have some information on what is being overweight the next step is how to lose weight

STEP 2 – Learn about how to lose weight

How does weight loss work?

You will need to make the right changes to you diet and exercise in order to lose weight. Losing weight means losing the excess fat in your body.

The idea is to burn more calories than you consume. Once your body has used up all the calories from food, it will break down the fat in your body to obtain the extra energy it needs.

How much to eat?

The energy you get from food is measured in Calories (Kcal) or Joules (KJ). The exact amount that you should consume is dependent on several factors

Generally, it is recommended that men consume no more than 2500 calories a day, and women no more than 2000 calories a day. This will maintain a constant weight. In order to lose around 1lb a week, you should reduce your calorie intake by around 500 calories.


The Department of Health recommends a minimum of five 30 minute sessions of physical activity a week. These should be “moderate” in intensity, and leave you feeling warm and slightly out of breath. Exercise can be any form of physical activity such as walking, running, swimming, playing sport and gardening. You may want to join a gym where you can take advantage of the facilities available.

Increasing the amount of time spent on exercise and increasing the intensity can contribute to weight loss, as your body will burn extra calories. It is recommended to consult your GP before taking on an intensive exercise regime.

STEP 3 – Learn about how lead a healthier lifestyle

Foods: Benefits of Healthy Eating

One of the most significant indicators of our health is the food that we eat. Food provides us with energy, vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. However too much, too little or an imbalance of these can affect our body and lead to a increase risk on certain disease and illnesses.

Eating a healthy diet can make you feel, boost immunity and decrease risks of getting health problems.

In order to loose weight, making the right changes to your diet is vital. Remember healthy eating is not temporary but should be a lifestyle change. If you maintain healthy eating then you are less likely to pile the weight back on.

The Basics of Healthy Eating

The Eat well Plate

In order to have a balanced diet, we need to eat a balanced diet. We need to eat from all the main food groups. However, we need more of certain foods than others.

Fruit & Vegetables

The department of health recommend that we need at least 5 portions a day, around 6-7 if you trying to lose weight. A portion is approximately 80g e.g. 1 banana. A variety of fruit and vegetables are important as they will provide you with the many different vital nutrients that we require.

Carbohydrates (Breads, Cereals, Potatoes, Pastas)

These should be eaten as the main part of your meal, and provide you with energy. Avoid refined carbohydrates i.e. those that are made from white flour and lost part of the goodness due to the removal of the bran. Eating complex carbohydrates such as wholemeal and wholegrain foods make you feel fuller for longer and provide fibre which is good for digestion.

Protein (meat, fish, poultry & alternate protein sources e.g. legumes)

Proteins are important for building cells in our body. You should aim to eat 2 - 3 portions a day. Eggs are included as a source of protein, as a beans, lentils and pulses. These are great alternatives to meat and poultry especially if you are a vegetarian.

Milk & Dairy Products

These are important for healthy bones and teeth, and is especially vital when you are young and growing up fast. You should aim for 2 - 3 portions a day. When trying to lose weight avoid dairy products that are high in fat such as full fat cheese and milk, and opt for the low fat versions.

Please note: eggs, butter and cream are not included in this food group.

Fat & Sugars

We do need to include some fats & sugars in our diet. Sugars provide us with energy and unsaturated fats are also important....e.g. Olive oil, nuts, and seeds. Saturated fats found mainly in processed foods such as cakes, biscuits and fast foods should be avoided. Overall if you are trying to lose weight, eat small quantities from this group.


The Department of Health/WHO?? Recommend to drink at least 8 glasses of water day (2litres). Water keeps you hydrated and can help you to feel full when hungry. Your allowance of water intake also includes water from foods

Portion Size

This is a crucial element of weight loss. People are often unaware of how much they need to eat and end up overeating without realising. The following is a guide for an adult:

  • Protein 100g - the size of a deck of cards
  • Fruit & Veg 80g - the size of a cupped hand full
  • Carbohydrates - a fist size is one portion

Making the Right Changes

Establishing good eating habits and being active is not only crucial obtaining a healthy weight, but will benefit the whole family. Here are some useful tips:

  • Eat regular meals- skipping meals means that you will overcompensate and eat more on your next meal.
  • Plan your meals ahead- include healthy snacks.
  • Try to bake or grill food rather than frying, e.g. oven baked chips and grilled meats.
  • Use lean meat, or cut off excess fat.
  • Replace saturated fats (e.g. butter) with healthier oils such as sunflower oil, olive oil and rapeseed oil etc. Some supermarkets also stock low calorie sprays that are an alternative to cooking oils.
  • You can incorporate more vegetables into tomato sauces and other dishes to meet your 5-a-day requirements.
  • When buying food, look out for the “traffic light labelling”- they should help you to make a more informed choice about what you are eating- for more information go to http://www.eatwell.gov.uk/foodlabels/trafficlights.
  • Using smaller plates will help control portion size.
  • Park your car further away from the supermarket to increase the walking distance. Take the stairs instead of the escalator.
  • You can buy a pedometer that measures the number of steps that you take a day. Your target should be around 10,000 steps.

Further Advice and Information

There are many organisations that help and support people in losing weight and eating healthily.
Further advice and information is available at:

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